Wightman & Associates applies their specialized services and unique capabilities to a wide variety of projects. Our clients and teaming partners include:

FEMA logo reading U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA

US Department of Homeland Security - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Hazard Mitigation

Wightman & Associates enjoys a long-term relationship with FEMA has supported the organizational development and training of the Hazard Mitigation (HM) Cadre for many years.

Hazard Mitigation Cadre Management and Disaster Operations

Hazard Mitigation Course Development

W&A teams with FEMA in the development, revision, and instruction of training for the Hazard Mitigation incident workforce cadre.

We conduct training for the HM Cadre workforce throughout the FEMA Regions, at EMI, the Center for Domestic Preparedness, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers and have provided surge training in multiple disaster operations.

We led teams of Hazard Mitigation disaster workforce practitioners to develop the original Hazard Mitigation Field Operations Guide, and have implemented similar cooperative processes through three revisions to ensure it remains current.

FEMA Resource Management Support

Wightman & Associates supported the National Preparedness Directorate in two major efforts focused on meeting the National Preparedness Goal.

FEMA Human Resources

Wightman & Associates collaborated in the development and revision of training for the Human Resources (HR) Unit Leader position in the HR Unit of the Finance/Administration section.

This training provides knowledge of HR procedures, policies, and regulations necessary for carrying out HR Unit Leader requirements, and for leading and managing the HR function in the disaster.

FAA Logo reading Federal Aviation Administration

Operations Curriculum Branch

Wightman & Associates assisted in revising and developing FAA Flight Safety Officer training, providing the knowledge and skills to effectively oversee flight safety programs.

CDC logo reading Centers for Disease Control and Prevention NEHA logo reading National Environmental Health Assocation

Environmental Health Training

Wightman & Associates supports the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, the National Environmental Health Association, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP).W&A partnered with  the CDC and CDP in designing and developing curriculum to prepare Environmental Health Responders to assist in disaster areas. Curriculum includes two levels of training offered in a blended learning format; a self-paced web-based course, and in a simulated disaster environment, with instructor-support.

Toxicologic Outbreak Investigation Training Course

In conjunction with the CDC, W&A is creating an international and domestic training course on environmental epidemiology and outbreaks of diseases caused by toxic exposures. This course is developed in a blended learning format to meet the needs of a diverse population of learners.

CCUSA logo  reading Catholic Charities USA Working to Reduce Poverty in America

Wightman & Associates is developing training designed to enable current and qualified Catholic Charities USA agencies and case managers to transition to disaster case management in a post-disaster environment.  This training includes video presentations and participant materials, checklists and sample materials.

NHMA logo reading Natural Hazard Mitigation Association

Wightman & Associates supported NHMA in developing their Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Ambassador Curriculum. This curriculum is intended to build the confidence and capacity of community leaders (DRR Ambassadors) as they engage with their local communities in promoting disaster risk reduction.

In addition, W&A updated, revised, and developed information for Building Your Roadmap to a Disaster Resilient Future. This tool, part of the DRR Ambassador Curriculum, provides community stakeholders with a clear explanation of approaches and applications to disaster risk reduction, and includes a wide array of hyperlinks to pre- and post- disaster technical and other resources.

BPHA logo reading Boston Public Health Commission

W&A supports the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) in the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and management of education and training programs to include course design guides, instructor guides, participant guides, course visuals and resources.